Launchlist Pro - Website Checklist Application

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Pre-launch website testing made efficient. (And a little bit fun)

Launchlist helps web designers and developers check their work before exposing it to the world at large.

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Launch websites
with confidence

Step up your quality control and ensure all aspects of your websites are complete before exposing them to the world at large. Create your own checklist templates and test your projects before launch.

Create, Save,
Edit & Archive

Create new checklists, update them as you progress and archive them when your site is launched. All checklists are saved in your account and you'll be able to update and refer back to them at any time.

Define your own

From web apps to brochure sites or even email newsletters - create your own individual checklist templates for all your different projects. We've even included some premade templates to get you started.

Combine &

Test your websites in a team and send reports to all those involved. We've included multi user accounts so that managing website checklists, no matter how many people are involved, is dead simple.

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Launch websites with confidence

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Streamline your checklists

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Work with your whole team